What We Do.

Pursuing healthy lifestyles and friendships by working as community stewards for the Oklahoma City Metro and Multisport communities, developing social connections to other athletes and promoting healthy lifestyles through training and friendly competitions


Ruth Rickey



Debbie Wog


Jane Hresko 


Matt Minard 
Lanc Schmitt 
Vanessa Wynn

Kristi Perkins

Our Mission

We are a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide an outlet for Central Oklahoma area triathletes to grow their athletic abilities and develop friendships through tri-athletic endeavors and meaningful social contact.  Our members include novices looking for support before completing their first triathlon, Ironman veterans, and everyone in between.  The club is run by the members; they organize all the activities, social events, clinics, and workouts.  Our workout and clinics are geared to multisport athletes of all abilities.  Joining the club and getting to know the other members is a great way to introduce yourself to the world of triathlons, meet others who are passionate about the sport, and improve your athletic abilities, all while having fun. 

As a subsidiary of USA Triathlon, we fall under the same regulations condoning SafeSport Regulations set forth by our governing body. If at any point you feel these regulations were violated please send us an email or contact one of the executive board members. Below is the link to information about SafeSport rules and guidelines.