Sponsorship Opportunities

TRI-OKC desires to partner with companies that want to make a difference in the quality of life in our community. Good health is a key component to life quality and active involvement in sports is a major contributor to better health. Participatory sports event generate interest and involvement in the community and provide the opportunity for you to align your product, service, or brand with health, activity and quality of life. Sponsorships are available for this event and we can work with you to tailor your exposure to our participants to best acquaint them with your products and services as well as giving you the general recognition in the community through advertising and information placement. The following is an overview of Sponsorship Levels for the Club or Event Sponsorship.


Club Sponsorship Levels


Carbon- $1,500 

Website Sidebar Logo, Social Media Shoutouts 3 per year, T-shirt back logo on all events, 3 free race entries per event.



Aluminum- $1,000 

T-shirt back logo on all events. 2 free race entries per event Weekend. 1 Social Media Shoutout per year



Steel- $500

T-shirt back text on all events, 6 free race entries, total, that can be used at their choice.


Event Sponsorship Levels


Run- $1000 

Event Presenting Sponsor, One Social Media Shoutout, T-shirt back logo top placement, 3 free race entries for the event.



Bike- $500 

T-shirt back logo on event, 3 free race entries for the event.



Swim- $200 

T-shirt back text on event, 1 free race entry for the event.



Your reward from partnering with us in the TRI-OKC does not end with the direct benefit you will receive from the exposure and alignment with a healthy life style…you will also be helping to enhance the community where you live. 




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